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Woodworking Suppliers- places to purchase wood, tools, machinery and other materials needed to do fine woodworking.

General Hardware and Supplies

Home Depot
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Compton Lumber & Hardware
Baer Supply Company
C.B. Gitty Craft Supply
Whitechapel Ltd- Hardware for woodworkers

Tools, Products and Machinery
Gorrila Glue
Integra Precision Tooling

Wood Sources

Woodworker's Source- AZ
MacBeath Hardwood- CA
Collectors Specialty Woods- CO
Peeple's Exotic Wood- FL
Berkshire Products - MA
Rare Woods USA - ME
Bell Forest Products- MI
Steve Wall Lumber Inc- NC
The Hardware Store - NC
Asheville Hardware - NC
West Penn Hardwoods- NY
Hearne Hardwoods-PA
Alderfer Lumber- PA
Oregon Wildwood-OR
Pine Creek Woods- OR
Cook Woods- OR
Northwest Timber -OR
The Juniper Guy - OR
Emerson Hardwoods - OR/WA
Crosscut Hardwoods - OR/WA
NW Wood - West Coast
Edensaw Woods, Ltd.- WA
Ancient Wood, LTD- WI

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