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Photo Guidelines

Having good photos of your work is the most important factor in marketing your work to those searching the web. Remember, often people's first exposure to your work comes from photos, and if they aren't well done, your work will not leave a good impression. Think of all the time and energy you put into making your artwork, craft or furniture. Isn't it worth more than a snapshot on your workroom floor with an old sheet behind it?

The examples below are of photos that are acceptable and not acceptable:

Good Photo of bowl. Fine Wood Artists
In focus.
Neutral background.
Natural lighting.
Nice contrast.
Accurate color.

Bowl by artist Dale Larson

Not Acceptable
Bad Photo of bowl. Fine Wood Artists
Busy background.
Glare from flash.
Too bright.
Washed out color.

Photos for Fine Wood Artists galleries MUST meet the following criteria:

Neutral Background- Gray is idea, but white, black, beige or brown are acceptable. Home or gallery settings or interiors will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Ideally, all the photos in your gallery will have the same background. We rarely accept outdoor photography ("lawn shots") unless the item is meant to be outside, for example, an outside bench.

Be in Focus- The majority if not all the item in the photograph must be clear and readable

Not too dark or light or too saturated or under contrast.

Size: Digital photos need to be no smaller than 500 pixels square at 72 dpi. Actual photos should be 4" x 6" or larger.

Higher res digital photos are acceptable, please contact us before sending really large files. If sending images on a CD, they need to be PC compatible formats. We can accept .jpg, .tiff .psd .bmp formats, .jpg is preferred.

Don't have a digital images? You may send photographs, but please do not send slides. Photographs will be returned to artists.

"Artistic" photos are accepted on a case by case basis. If the woodworking is not clearly represented in these photos, they may be rejected.

Professional photography is encouraged, however, you must have the rights for those photos to be reproduced on this site, with or without credit. Photo credit will be given to photos provided by members if they include this information, otherwise no photo credit is given. By submitting photos for consideration to Fine Wood Artists, you agree that you have full copyrights to these photos. Fine Wood Artists may use photos on this site for other promotional purposes, such as sharing them on Facebook.

There are many resources on the web on how to take professional looking photographs of your work. A good camera, tripod, backdrop and lighting are all important.

Fine Wood Artist may resize or crop photographs used for this site, so they fit into the galleries or promotional materials.

If you have questions, please contact us.




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