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Craig Thibodeau - Fine Furniture and Woodworking

Craig Thibodeau
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Fine Wood Furniture by Craig Thibodeau
Fine Wood Furniture by Craig Thibodeau
Fine Wood Furniture by Craig Thibodeau

Trompe L'oeil Table
38" wide by 19" wide by 30" high
Pau Ferro, Quilted Maple, Macassar Ebony, and various marquetry woods

Description: This Art Deco table is my first exploration into Trompe L’oeil marquetry imagery. The table commission itself began as a nice Deco style table without any of the extra details. To that base we added the two pop out drink trays in Maple and Ebony with polished Stainless Steel inserts. We then began discussing what to do with the interior space of the central column. A variety of ideas were tossed about until the client settled on a Trompe L’oeil image hidden behind a secret door with a couple more secret areas hidden in the image.

We worked out a system of imbedded magnets that would hold pieces in place but also allow them to be opened with a special magnetic key. The door is held closed by four magnets and there are additional magnets buried inside the hidden drawer and the outside face of the secret door. We decided the special magnetic key should be hidden somewhere on the outside of the table so it could be accessed easily but not seen. The key itself has been veneered to match the surrounding wood and is spring loaded so a gentle push makes it pop out. It then can be used to open the main secret door and also to pull out the hidden drawer. The small door in the image leads to a small space with a polished floor and arched ceiling. The veneer for the walls and ceiling gradually change to darker colors as they go deeper into the cavity to increase the sense of depth.

Click here to see a video of this table in action.

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Craig Thibodeau    San Diego, CA, USA
Craig ThibodeauContact
Phone 619-981-4508
Address: CT Fine Furniture
2310 Kettner Blvd, Suite C
San Diego, CA 92101

Artist Biography

As a furniture maker my work evolves by blending the practical and artistic needs of my clients with my desire to create individual objects with intensity and feeling. I often incorporate imagery in the form of flowers, leaves and animals into select pieces of my furniture, designing subtle floral ornamentations to enhance my furniture with classical marquetry.
My marquetry furniture combines the structural geometry of a man made object with the asymmetry of nature represented in flower and leaf patterns and motifs. The addition of decorative marquetry is a doorway into unique and exiting visual forms and more expressive freedom. In this way I attempt to fill the basic need of a functional object with creative detailed work far exceeding expectations.
In recent years my furniture has won numerous Best of Show and 1st Place Awards in regional and national exhibitions including Best of Show at the 2007 International Design In Wood Exhibition and Best of Show at the 2007 and 2009 Artistry In Wood Exhibitions at the Sonoma County Museum of Art.
Artist profiles and images of my work may be found in magazines and books including; Fine Woodworking, Romantic Homes, San Diego Home and Garden, Lark Books, Crafts Report, Woman’s Day and many others.



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