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Michael Singer - Fine Wood Furniture

Michael Singer
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Fine Furniture by Michael Singer

Sereneti Bistro Table and Chair Set
The back of the curly maple Serengeti chair is shaped to maintain the natural curvature of the spine. Back leg spacing is designed to comfortably support the major muscle bands on either side of the spine while still allowing full freedom of movement. The triangulated arrangement of the under-seat structural members provides superior stability against the large racking forces typically put on chairs. The companion mahogany table features similar sculptural animal form references, as well as cocobolo feet, as well as abalone and ebony accent inlays.
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Michael Singer        Felton, CA, USA
Michael Singer
Phone: (831) 335-3167
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Artist Biography

Born in Cincinnati, raised in Los Angeles, and now living in the Monterey Bay area, I had crossed paths with woodworking several times throughout my life. After a 20+year career in marine research, I became a full-time furniture designer/maker in 2001. I am primarily self-taught through books and journals, as well as trial and error experimentation and specialty workshops with some of the best makers in the field today. I currently operate a one-man shop near Santa Cruz. Pieces of my work are installed in private collections across the U.S., and have been shown in retail and gallery spaces on both the East and West coasts. I am a master member of the Baulines Craft Guild, a professional member of both the Furniture Society and the American Craft Council, and a founding member of the Santa Cruz Woodworkers.

My design goal is to attain just the right equilibrium between form, function, art, and craft. My original designs blend the essences of basic Asian and contemporary aesthetics, with a fluency in the vocabulary of modernism. I enjoy working with clients in an iterative design process. I strive to create pieces that are at once relevant to the client and their lifestyle, include something of my own personal aesthetic, are functional, and display a high level of craftsmanship



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