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Dan Sawyer - Fine Woodworking and Wood Sculpture

Dan Sawyer
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Fine Woodworking and Wood Sculpture by Dan Sawyer
Fine Woodworking and Wood Sculpture by Dan Sawyer

Black Redwood Tray
Black Redwood.
Size: 30" x 14"
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Dan Sawyer    Bandon, OR, USA
Dan Sawyer
Phone 541-415-4924
55367 Pilgrim Dr
Bandon, OR 97411

Artist Biography

Most of my pieces are carved from driftwood found along the Pacific Northwest Coast and created by my love of and reverence for Mother Earth. I'm always searching for the perfect specimens with the right feel, the right look, and the right integrity. After smelling the wood to discern its type, I cut into it to access its possibilities, to choose the pieces that speak to me. Free-flowing forms result in cutting boards with my signature curved comfort handles, custom tables, mantle pieces that are both artwork and functional furniture, and sculptural pieces with embedded serpentine and raw, wave-like energy.

I simply bring out the essence of what Mother Nature has been kind enough to gift all of us. It\'s always been my passion to listen to the wood and let it tell me what it wants each step of the way. It never fails to guide me.



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