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Bryan Nelson - Fine Woodworking and Wood Turning

Bryan Nelson
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Fine Woodworking and Sculpture by Bryan Nelson

Hollow Vessel #5321
Made from Spalted Pecan, Cocobolo, Leopardwood and Gabon Ebony. Measures 7 ½" across by 9 ½" high.
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Bryan Nelson       Arlington, TX , USA
Bryan Nelson
Phone: 817-521-7293

Artist Biography

Bryan Nelson’s journey into wood turning and woodworking was more of an accident then a thought out progression. It started in his Junior High School years in a shop class that had a lathe. It was a terrifying experience for him, with many near mishaps on the lathe. He did complete his project but had nothing to do with the lathe or woodwork for many, many years.

Until much later in life he found a trailer load of discarded church pews and decided to try and make something useful from them. With a second hand radial arm saw and a planner he began to build benches, tables, bookcases and beds for family and friends. This hobby grew and eventually became an all-consuming passion. He purchased a lathe and after sitting in the box for six months he finally set it up and overcame his fear of spinning wood.

After losing his full time job of 23 years and the job market not looking for his type of skills or lack of, Bryan, decided it was time to focus on wood and specifically wood turning. And boy did he ever! Bryan has turned and sold over 5, 000 bowls and turnings. His work is in every corner of the world in single setting and large collections. Because of his wide variety of woods (he has over 160 varieties in the shop) he is often catering to wood collectors, giving them a useful design and function to their collection of wood.

Bryan has a great love for wood. He has a childlike excitement when searching for it and finding the hidden treasures that Mother Nature hides within. He has a special love for burl. From Amboyna to Big Leaf Maple to all the Australian Burls and he always has many hundreds of pounds around the shop.



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