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Cathy Red Kerner - Sculptor, Artist

Cathy Kerner
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Sculpture by Cathy Kerner

L'Attente: "Waiting"
Maple and Wenge

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Cathy Reb Kerner - Israel
Cathy Kerner
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Artist Biography

Cathy Reb Kerner is an Israeli artist native in France

Her artwork transmits emotion by merging force and finesse in movement and fluidity.

"Wood is responsive and alive, and asks to be touched… His warm hues blend together to make an unique work that evolve in a perpetual and continuous search"

By using several types of rare woods, chosen for their texture and often surprising shades such as violet (amaranth) or orange (padauk), Cathy creates visual and tactile patterns.

Her artwork can be seen in several countries all over the world.



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