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Jerry Kermode- Fine Wood Turning

Jerry Kermode
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Wood Turning by Jerry Kermode

Redwood Traditional Bowl
3.75" x 6 5/8"
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Jerry Kermode     Sebastopol,CA, USA
Jerry Kermode
Jerry Kermode School of Woodturning
Phone: 707-824-9893
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Artist Biography

Jerry Kermode is a full time artist and artisan working out of his studio in Sebastopol, California with his partner and wife, Deborah. Jerry developed his fascination with turning while the couple specialized in remodeling, Victorian restoration and boat work. In 1984 he began turning bowls from freshly harvested trees; the cherished calabash culture in the Hawaiian Islands, where the couple lived for 22 years, was the perfect place to nurture his new passion. He became a full-time turner in 1991, and Deborah became finisher and promoter. They now live and work out of their home studio in Sebastopol, California.

At weekend classes in his studio, Jerry teaches and practices "the art of non-violent woodturning," helping people to understand the subtler nuances of cutting wood without fear or trepidation. His students appreciate him as much for his sense of humor and friendly manner as he is for his ability with the chisel.



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