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Reuben Karol - Fine Wood Sculpture

Tom Deady
Sculpture by Reub Karol
Sculpture by Reub Karol
Sculpture by Reub Karol

Reub's work is shown at the following galleries:

Galleria of Sculpture
Palm Beach, FL

the Scherer Gallery


Reuben Karol         Monroe, NJ, USA
Reuben Karol

Artist Biography

"Reub" Karol, a civil engineer and Professor Emeritus of Rutgers University, has for over a half a century devoted his "off" time from teaching and industry to the representation of the female form.

Karol began sculpting in the mid 1960's, experimenting with passing random planes through solids. By applying this procedure to the human figure, he originated a style he calls "contour sculpture". As many as 300 individual different shapes may be laminated to create one figure. The finished sculptures range in size from miniature to life sized.

Karol's sculptures have been widely exhibited and collected across the country.



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