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Richard Howell - Sculptor, Artist

Richard Howell

Sculpture by Richard howell

Richard Howell's work is shown at the following:

Moonglow Design Gallery

La Jolla, California.



Richard Howell, San Diego, CA, USA
Richard Howell
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Artist Biography

The Great and Wide Pacific is my canvas and my pallet is wood. Most of my working life was spent living and working out in the Indo-Pacific islands fostering fisheries economic development. Along the way, I met, observed and carved with indigenous wood artists in Palau, Chuuk, Papua New Guinea, Bali, Hawaii, Fiji and more. After the experiences of these years I found that I wished to continue my association by portraying Pacific legends, artifacts, wildlife in hand carved works.

I use mostly traditional hand carving tools and techniques that I have become accustomed to over time. Now days, I have branched out to responding to requests for commissioned works too, that allow me great flexibility in choice of subjects, woods and formats.

My website has been up since 2003 which helps gain wider exposure of my works and I feel that the Internet presence that is maintained is key for an artist to increase contacts now days. Aloha.

Richard is a member of the San Diego Sculptors Guild.



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