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Michael Hamilton - Fine Furniture and Woodworking

Michael Hamilton
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Fine Wood Furniture by Michael Hamilton

Coppertop Occasional Table
Reclaimed patinated copper and dyed mahogany.
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Michael Hamilton         Port Hadlock,

Michael Hamilton
Phone: 360.385.2807
Address: POB 938 Port Hadlock, WA 98339

Artist Biography

Wood is a bridge between nature and material culture. Nature, as observed in the macro to micro continuum, is a primary source of inspiration; color, texture, order, form as well as raw material. As a child the why of appearance was of consuming interest for me. It prompted my exploration of history and culture, through objects crafted of wood. Objects as diverse as basic kitchen ware, sophisticated royal seating, or evocative North Coast totems. Motif, detail, and pattern as cultural symbol bring meaning; give objects context. As I began to work with wood the why was joined by the quest for technique; and eventually, the understanding of appropriate application of technique and how technique, in itself, contributes to appearance.

Over time, my personal aesthetic has developed as an applied response to symbolism, technique, design refinement and a desire to work with the inherent qualities of wood as a medium. This response has guided me on an endless journey involving many knowledgeable and inspiring teachers, mentors, and colleagues. I am especially thankful that my experience as a maker has provided such a rich and diverse connection to our life and times. I look forward to many more years of cultural exploration with wood as the vehicle.



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