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Cindy Drozda - Fine Wood Turnings and Sculpture

Cindy Drozda
Fine Wood Artist - Cindy Drozda
Fine Wood Artist - Cindy Drozda
Fine Wood Lighting by Cindy Drozda

Places to see and purchase Cindy Drozda's work-

delMano Gallery
2001 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90025

AAW Online Gallery


Cindy Drozda            Boulder, CO, USA
Cindy Drozda
Phone: (303) 449-7170
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Artist Biography

Cindy Drozda, has worked with wood since age 7, when she built a playhouse out of orange crates and re-used nails (with a little of her father’s help). At 19, she learned professional woodworking on the job at a player piano factory. She is currently a full-time wood artist and has been turning since 1985.

Cindy’s elegant lidded vessels with delicate finials choreograph pure classic form with the natural grain patterns in the wood, creating a sculpture with elegant presence and lively personality. Her work can be seen at the finest juried shows, galleries, and exhibitions in the USA, as well as published in several books.

Cindy shares her woodturning knowledge and passion as an international demonstrator, teacher, writer, and producer of instructional DVDs. She has been invited to teach at symposia and clubs around the world and across the US. She is a member of the American Association of Woodturners, the American Craft Council, and four AAW chapters.

Before choosing woodturning as a career Cindy worked as a cabinet maker, rebuilt airplanes, and made hang gliding equipment. In 1988, she participated in a 6 month long crossing of the entire US by non-powered hang glider. Woodturning is her latest exciting adventure!

"I hope you will enjoy my wood art as much as I have enjoyed the creative process."



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