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Martha Collins - Fine Wood Accessories and Jewelry

Martha Collins
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Fine Wood Jewelry Martha Collins

Helical Mosaic Chevron Bracelet, Brillant series
Made of 550 pieces, Ebony edges, 58 mm diameter
Brillant series means that the side grain of the wood is showing, side grain is what is so vibrant in wood.
Each piece is one of a kind, please contact the artist for more information.


Martha Collins        Sequim, WA, USA
Martha Collins
Phone: (360) 683-2678

Artist Biography

The first time I saw the Northwest I knew it would become my home.  Lost Mountain is where I have lived and done my life's work for a quarter of a century. 

In addition to my own mountaintop studio, I am on the faculty of the Port Townsend School of Woodworking.

My passion is to create personal, unique, three-dimensional works of art with exotic hardwoods and brightly colored veneers that are hand dyed in my studio.  Each piece is carefully constructed using the natural colors, grains and textures of the sustainable yield exotic and domestic hardwoods.  This beauty is then captured and framed with the dyed veneer.  It is this combination, of the natural and the dyed, that sets my work apart and makes each piece unique. 

Currently I am designing and creating bracelets, mantra bowls, table sets and bottle stoppers. 



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