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Nat Cohen - Fine Sculptural Furniture

Nat Cohen
wood carving by Nat Cohen
wood carving by Nat Cohen
wood carving by Nat Cohen


Nat Cohen          Conway, MA, USA
Nat Cohen

Artist Biography

I have a solid grounding in the fine arts, with most of my training in sculpture. Over time, I have also become a woodworker, with a focus on carving. My interest in wood continues to grow as I learn about the many ways it has been used for utilitarian and aesthetic purposes throughout time by people all over the world. Working in wood allows me to bring together my artistic interests and the ability to make things people can use.

Most of my work is by commission. Architectural woodcarving usually adheres to historical designs and patterns. I also look to the natural world for inspiration in my carving. Some of my work involves restoration and making connections with earlier sculpture, craft, and building traditions. It requires blending precise work with the right degree of interpretation and understanding of the materials and working methods.

I am happy to work with clients at any point in the design process whether providing drawings and original work, executing the client's design, or replicating or restoring an existing object.

Project inquiries are always welcome.



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