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Jim Christiansen - Fine Wood Turnings and Sculpture

Jim Christiansen
Sculpture by Jim Christiansen
Wood Turning by Jim Christiansen
Sculpture by Jim Christiansen
Sculpture by Jim Christiansen
Sculpture by Jim Christiansen
Sculpture by Jim Christiansen

Jim Christiansen's work is shown at the following galleries:

Dunn Gallery
54-3862 Akoni Pule Highway
Kapa'au HI
PO Box 453
Hawi , HI  96719
808 884 5808

American Art Company
1126 Broadway Plaza
Tacoma WA 98402

Grovewood Gallery
111 Grovewood Road
Ashville, NC 28804
Phone: 828-253-7651



Jim Christiansen     Moscow, ID, USA
Jim Christiansen
Phone: 208-301-0634

Artist Biography

Like many woodworkers, Jim had his first exposure to turning wood in high school shop class. Although his early projects lacked great skill, they did create a love and an appreciation for working with wood.

Later in life, after a constant search to put his creative energy to some purpose, Jim purchased an Oliver lathe, and began turning where he had left off nearly 30 years before. Then he attended a Woodturning Symposium in Utah, where he was introduced to master woodturners including John Jordan, Michael Housluk and Hans Weissflog. His exposure to their work and their enthusiasm about their craft led him down to path of learning, collaborating and sharing with other wood turners and artists.

Jim's work is very personal, and reflects his deeper feelings about the mysteries of life. He constantly experiments with new ideas and moves forward in his designs. He feels fortunate to be part of the movement towards wood turning as an art form.

Jim has published articles, been featured in books, and shown in international exhibitions. His work is owned by collectors all over the world. He often shares his art and love of wood working by traveling, teaching, and sharing his studio.



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