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Michael Brown - Fine Wood Furniture

Michael Brown
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Fine Wood Furniture by Michael Brown

Table of Memories
Mahogany bottle table. You can send me your bottle, I send you your table.
24" h x 18" w

Michael Brown   Grantsboro, NC , USA
Michael Brown
Phone: 252-249-1348
670 Howell Road
Grantsboro, NC 28529

Artist Biography

I sailed to America in 1985, stopping in Bermuda to repair hurricane damage. Where I met my vacationing future American wife Theresa. After spending seven years in her home state of New York, we took to our boat to find a place to settle, and knew we had found our home when we saw Pamlico County, North Carolina

After buying some woodland on the edge of Beard creek I started to selectively cut trees to build our home. These I sawed into posts and beams, and following the finest practices of generations past, I raised a frame of pine, poplar, oak, and maple connected with wooden pegs, that glowed golden in the setting sun, and cut right to my heart.

Most of my work is made from North American hardwoods, trees from my woodlot, or salvaged from storm or landscape clearing. Plus my source of sustainably harvested mahogany. This is the most eco-friendly way of producing a wood supply that I can imagine.

I have chosen a simple path in life, all my work is handmade, each step was undertaken with respect for the material and the maker.

All my work comes with a lifetime guarantee; if any part should fail in my lifetime I will fix it.



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