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Steve Altman - Fine Furniture and Woodworking

Steve Altman
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Gale Sayers (The Kansas Comet)
Dimensions: 17"x 9"x 8" (approx.)
Small stand with drawer in English brown oak, white oak, spalted maple, curly sycamore, ebony, masur birch, Eastern white pine. It's a long story.

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Steve Altman            Boonton, NJ, USA
Steve Altman
Phone: 973-316-2415
575 Forbush Street - Boonton, NJ 07005

Artist Biography

I've been working with wood for 40 years. For about 20 of them I was a cabinetmaker in New York City doing what is generally called "high end residential interiors." I worked for some of the richest families in the world. If you want to get a sense of what that was like go here.

Now, I just like to make boxes. Maybe it's because my father made boxes, too, except he made them out of paper and cardboard in a display box factory many years ago. Sometimes I played in that factory as a child. I saw lots and lots of boxes, canyons of them. I guess it had some effect on me.

I know that they're just decoration - bits of eye candy perched on a dresser, sitting on a desk, or plunked down haphazardly on a table. Hopefully, though, inviting a closer look, they also provide a glimpse of wood's infinite possibilities: Sight and touch, color and shape, figure and texture, revealed aspects of natural wonder, arrangements bound by simple human effort...

Plus, they hold things.



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