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Fine Wood Artists promotes the art and craft of Fine wood working through our internet marketing and advertising. We promote individual artists and craftspeople, as well as providing a valuable resources for seasoned and aspiring woodworkers, and individuals looking to purchase fine woodworking items.

What makes us different from other on line galleries?

We are Exclusive. We do not show crafts, antiques, pottery, paintings or vintage items, just items made from wood using fine woodworking techniques by living artists and craftspeople. We also jury our members and have a limit on how many members we accept. Once that number is reached, no more will be added, ever, unless someone gives up their membership.

Expertise. Fine Wood Artists does not sell your  work or take a commission; instead we offer website services, marketing, web promotion and exposure. There is no middle man taking a percentage of your sales or profit, our goal is to get your work in search engines and customer's minds.  As a member, you will control how customers contact you or buy your work, whether by directing them to a brick and mortar gallery or studio or your own website. Already have an Etsy shop or Ebay store? Fine Wood Artists will drive traffic to you and is much cheaper per month than most on-line advertising.

We have Experience. We use proven web marketing techniques to generate interest in artists and their work. We also have over 10 years experience in the field of fine woodworking, art sales and web marketing.

Ease of use. You do not need to know html, graphic design, or have to figure out ugly templates or counter intuitive forms. Can't write a Facebook post? Does Twitter and Pinterest make you cringe? We do that work for you at a cost that is less than hiring a web designer to build a website or promoter to market your work.

Exposure. In the world wide web where there are a million of sites, exposure is everything. Through our features as well as other proven marketing techniques, we generate a buzz about our individual members. We also rank high in search engines and drive traffic directly to the individual artists.

How it works

Fine Wood Artists is a juried site. In order to become a member, your work must be juried and accepted. We do this based on photographs of your work and a simple on line application.

It is free to apply to be a member of Fine Wood Artists, and if you are rejected, you are welcome to apply again after 3 months. Should all the memberships be taken, there will be a waiting list put into place. Artists will be evaluated on the skill demonstrated by their craft, the quality of their photos and the relevance to this site. We are looking for the best of the best!




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